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Preserving the Floristry Craft: A Call for Value and Respect

Posted by Amelia Hollis on

This one is going to ruffle some petals, but I care about my industry and I believe someone needs to speak up sooner than later. Our industry is changing and we are calling out for value and respect within our community

 I entered my floral journey back in 2010 starting with work experience and eventually securing an apprenticeship. For four years, I dedicated myself to this craft, working tirelessly for a modest income, beginning at just $8 an hour. I didn't take a shortcut or invest a fortune to become a florist overnight. I built my career from the ground up. Now, I'm fortunate to own my own thriving business.  It's a labor of love that's required dedication and persistence.

Despite naysayers declaring the industry's demise I've remained resolute, weathering the storms because the flower industry is what I love.

 With 13 years under my belt in the flower world, I have recently seen some changes in our beloved industry. Rising prices, flower shortages, and the emergence of backyard florists have hit us hard, putting established professionals in jeopardy. I appreciate that everyone has to start somewhere, but it saddens me when dear colleagues in the industry struggle because others believe they can do our job better and undercut our prices. Starting a business from scratch is commendable, but undercharging and claiming freshness due to daily trips to the wholesaler is misleading. Sustainability requires fair pricing that covers flower costs, overheads, delivery, and staff wages.

I’m often asked about becoming a florist.

Paying thousands for a short course that deems you a ‘Qualified Florist’ unfortunately doesn't reflect the reality of the flower world isn't the answer a majority of the time. In our honest opinion, the best way to go forward is to find willing florists and creatives, volunteer your time and learn from them. Freelance and educate yourself with up to date relevant and practical skills that will actually make your marketable to approach to the floral world.

If you're keen on investing, consider engaging in practical, updated online flower courses that cost a fraction and impart 2024 skills. Immerse yourself in flowers daily, and learn from experienced hands. That's how you truly grow in this industry. Do your research , I mean actually do it! You will thank yourself so much for it later on.

I have previously invested my time and effort into training other young florists with up to date skills as I saw their potential. They had fallen for some over priced educations that taught them out of date skills and left them feeling like they didn’t stand a chance to find a place in our industry. They were keen to learn, grow and showed potential through their engagement.

I understand that this blog might be controversial for some, but I'm genuinely concerned about young enthusiasts being taken advantage of, and start-ups undermining our industry. My plea is simple: value your worth.

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