Buds on B Funerals

In this time of profound loss, Buds on Buderim extends our deepest sympathies. As you navigate through the challenging journey of bidding farewell to a loved one, let the language of flowers express the emotions that words may not capture. Our curated funeral floral arrangements are designed with utmost care and consideration, offering solace and a touch of beauty during this difficult time. May these blooms serve as a heartfelt tribute, a symbol of remembrance, and a source of comfort as you honour and celebrate the life of your dearly departed. Please accept our sincere condolences and know that we are here to support you with compassion and understanding.

A guide into our floral work

Coffin Sprays

Small Funeral Flowers Arrangement - $300 Embrace simplicity and elegance with our small funeral flowers arrangement, priced at $300. This option focuses on colours only, using mostly a mix of fillers and foliages to create a graceful tribute. Touches of flowers are thoughtfully interspersed throughout the spray, offering a meaningful and refined expression of sympathy. 

Standard Funeral Flowers Arrangement - $400 Families are invited to personalise their tribute by selecting specific florals for a heartfelt expression. Our standard arrangement seamlessly combines half florals with half foliage and fillers, creating a harmonious display to honour and remember your loved one.

Premium Funeral Flowers - $600 Experience a truly personalised tribute with our Premium option at $600. Families have the opportunity to select specific flowers and colours ensuring a bespoke arrangement that perfectly reflects the essence of your loved one. This premium choice is designed to be more abundant in blooms, with an emphasis on fullness, offering a striking display that minimises filler and foliage for a truly impactful and memorable farewell.

Single Flowers

Family and friends may wish to place a flower on the casket during a time of reflection.

Flower Stems Popular Requests are Roses $8 per stem  Carnations $6 per stem  Gerberas Small $5 per stem  Large $6 per stem  Pricing does depend on season availability
Petals Full Bag  10 Rose Heads $70  Half a Bag - 5 Rose Heads $35

Memorial Ash Florals 

Starting from $200 -We provide bespoke floral gardens thoughtfully arranged around the ashes of your cherished one, creating a truly unique and meaningful tribute.


Starting from $100

We specialise in crafting personalised tribute floral wreaths, beginning at just $100 for a 25cm diameter arrangement. Each wreath is thoughtfully adorned with carefully selected flowers, creating a truly unique and meaningful tribute for your cherished loved one.

Pedestal Arrangement

Starting from $200

We provide a variety of pedestal floral options that families can incorporate into their services to create a more significant and impactful tribute. These arrangements serve as a stunning extension from the coffin top, featuring the same florals to encircle all the loved ones attending the service.

Tribute Mini Florals

Starting price $150

Tribute Mini Florals feature a compact arrangement of blooms nestled in a bowl measuring approximately 50cm in length and 15cm in height. This delicate design is especially fitting for young children, as an accompaniment to other items on the coffin, or for families seeking a subtle yet heartfelt tribute.

Our ordering process is simple


Visit our store, call or email us to place an order - no appointment necessary. Your funeral director may be able to assist.


After discovering more about your loved one, we carefully select colours, textures and seasonal flowers. We welcome you to be a part of this process if you wish.


Full payment is made directly to us before the date of the service or may be arranged through your funeral director.


We offer complimentary hassle-free delivery across the Sunshine Coast up to three hours before the funeral service.

We work closely with Sunshine Coast funeral directors